Australian Business and Investor Migration for Applicants over 54 


by Matthew Halliday MARN0701626, Director GA Consulting Co Ltd



Australia has a number of visa options for investors and business people looking to make the move to Australia. One issue we often face in our practice however is that the age of the applicant may restrict his or her ability to apply for a particular visa stream.


In general, applicants aged over 55 or older will generally not be eligible for 188A ‘Business Innovation stream’ or 188B ‘Investor stream’ visas unless they are given an age waiver by a State government.  


As such, most of the time, the easier and simpler option for such applicants is the 188C 'Significant Investor Visa'. While the 188 Significant Investor visa requires an investment of 5 million AUD into managed funds, there is no age limit and investors only need to be resident in Australia for 40 days per year. Once the investment is made with a professional fund management company, there is not too much more for the investor to do than to get on with their lives and enjoy their time in Australia.


However what if you are 55 or oler but are short on having 5 million AUD to make the investment for the Significant Investor Visa? In this case, your only real option is to look for a State government willing to give you an age waiver. An added bonus of gaining such a waiver is that you will also be awarded 10 more points. This is particularly advantageous to applicants who are also struggling to satisfy the score of 65 points that is required by the Business Innovation and Investor streams of the subclass 188 visa.


However not every state in Australia is openly providing such a wavier to applicants who will be 55 or older at the time of being invited to lodge a visa application. The three main states offering these age waivers and additional points are Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.


Additional Requirements for Age Waiver by State - Business and Investment Visas






Business Innovation Stream

Investment Stream

Western Australia

- Applicants are required to show the capacity to have net assets in WA of at least $1,500,000 of which at least $500,000 is invested in business and the creation of equivalent of one new full time job. - Applicants must make the standard complying investment of $2,500,000 plus must have an additional $1,250,000 in net assets in Western Australia.


- To gain an age waiver for the subclass 188A category, Tasmania asks that applicants demonstrate that your proposed business activity is of unique and important benefit to Tasmania. This means it must:

> be substantially different or innovative compared with existing businesses or

> allow Tasmania to gain some significant competitive advantage that it does not currently have

> or demonstrate that you have exceptional qualifications and experience linked to the business (i.e. the business cannot proceed without you).

- Not currently available

South Australia

- Applicants must provide a business proposal showing that there will be an exceptional economic benefit to South Australia.

>For most types of business this will mean that the minimum investment requirement is doubled from $300,000 to $600,000.

>Export and property investment businesses will require higher levels of investment

- Applicants must invest AUD$3.75 million in a complying investment fund. - The complying investment fund must materially benefit South Australia.



Of the three states, South Australia is probably the most flexible in providing age waiver exemptions and additional points. It should be noted that applications requiring an age waiver are not guaranteed to be approved in any of these jurisdictions and will be approved on a competitive basis. Additionally, certain states are stricter in terms of limiting applicants from making changes to their plans after visa approval.


As such, applicants would be well advised to seek assistance from an Australian Registered Migration Agent in crafting their submissions for State nomination to enhance their chances for success and also to discuss the most appropriate strategy for their particular case taking into account their goals and background. 


We have more than 15 years of experience in business and investment migration having helped countless clients gain state nomination approval successfully. We provide assistance ranging from business plan preparation, market research and submission preparation to visa processing and settlement advice.  Please feel free to contact us to book in a discussion concerning how we might assist you in achieving your Australian migration and business goals.



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