TSS Employment Visa - S/C 482

Introduction to the 482 visa


If your company is looking to bring foreign workers to Australia, you may be confused about which is the most appropriate visa on which to bring foreign workers. While some companies are tempted to bring employees on a visitor visas to perform work in Australia, a visitor visa does not entitle employees to work and can lead to punitive measures being taken by the Immigration Department.


If an employee will perform work in Australia, the most appropriate visa is almost always the subclass 482 visa due to its shorter processing time and in some cases less onerous documentary requirements. This visa is valid for up to 4 years with no limitations on extension.


Basic Process & Requirements


Step 1 - Sponsorship

Companies wishing to sponsor workers to Australia through the 482 program must first apply for approval from the Immigration Department. Both new and existing companies can apply as well as companies based in Australia and abroad. The main factors that the Australian Immigration Department (DIBP) looks at include:


1. Business must be actively and legally operating

2. Business must have the financial capacity to pay any employees its sponsors

3. Business must be able to demonstrate that it is committed to training Australian workers

4. Business must be of good standing


Step 2 - Nomination

The next step is gaining approval for the position sponsored by the company. This will include:

- Justifying the salary is within market and legislative limits

- Demonstrating the skills to be performed are in line with the occupation being nominated

- Demonstrating that the employee will be employed on fair terms in accordance with Australian labour laws

- Demonstrating a genuine need for the employee


Step 3 - Visa application

 - Visa applicant must have the skills and work experience to perform the position nominated

- Visa applicant should be of good health (exceptions exist) and character

- Visa holder must have sufficient English to perform the role. This will usually be an IELTS score of 5. Exemptions available if salary to be paid is sufficiently high.

- Visa holder must hold health insurance


How we help


Prior to application

- Discussing Australian migration strategies

- Assistance with recruitment of employees to Australia

- Advice in regards to employee selection

- Review and advice on contractual agreements

- Salary survey research and reports

- Business plan to support 482 sponsorship application

- Creation of training plans to satisfy training commitment requirement

- Labour market testing assistance

- Assistance with obtaining 482 visa compliant insurance

- Processing of all visa documentation 


After applying

- Sponsorship obligation monitoring and audits

- Review, audit and creation of employee training plans

- Employee obligation and entitlement tracking

- Assisting with employee relocation & departure briefings

- Advice on compliance of human resource systems with immigration requirements


Who do we help?


We assist a range of organisations from large MNCs to SMEs in a variety of industries. Some of our more well known clients include:

  • Kogas Gas Corporation - Oil & gas 
  • Hanwha Solar - Renewable energy
  • Woori Bank - Banking
  • POSCO - Steel manufacturing
  • POSCO E&C - Construction
  • Dongwha Timbers - Forestry & manufacturing
  • Financial Supervisory Service - Government/financial regulator
  • Capital Markets CRC - Research
  • Heerim Architects/ Architecture
  • Mando - Automotive parts
  • Niko Niko Sushi - Hospitality


Project Experience

Examples of some recent projects we have been involved in include:

  • Roy Hill Project 
  • Eraring Power Station Refurnishing Project
  • Santos GLNG Project
  • FLNG Prelude Project
  • Bombala Dry Mill Project




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